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'Mare'... the place to be
The brand new building of 'Mare' is located in the centre of Himara’s main gulf, in Potami beach, right on the road that connects Himara with Saranda.
'Mare' is built in a small rocky area, only one single step from the pebbly beach and offers a unique view of Himara’s main gulf. From its sea side balconies you can enjoy the wonderful dawns and sunsets of the Ionian Sea and from its mountain side balconies you can relax admiring the untouched nature of Himara. 

In the area one can find a variety of traditional, modern and fast food restaurants, that can satisfy every traveler’s needs. Different sea side Bars and Clubs will make your time by the sea even more pleasant.  Easy parking is also available.
'Mare' is located only 10 minutes walk from Himara’s centre (Spilea).
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